2013-2014 Attendance to Date

One issue that has plagued New Britain for a long time was attendance. Obviously students tend to not do well academically when they are chronically absent. That is why it is nice to see that the majority of our schools have attendance over 92%.

The Numbers

Here is a breakdown by each of our district’s schools.


Most of our elementary schools have around 94-95%. The average among the district’s middle schools drops slightly, down to around 93-94%. Our high school programs, especially the Alternative Center School, have some of the lowest attendance rates in the district. It is easy to understand how our graduation rate suffers with our lowest attendance levels in our high schools.


Again, when we look by grade level we see that starting in middle school there is a slow decline in our attendance levels. Kindergarten is also a low point, partially due to adaptations to schooling as well as the occurrence of illness related absences that is sometimes common in kindergartners.

Policy Implications

These figures are part of the reason I supported the idea of creating the Satellite Careers Academy for next year. If we can bring down our absenteeism at the high school we will take a huge bite out of the biggest problem on our list. Even if we were unable to proceed with the SCA, our high school attendance needs to be a continual target for improvement. Hopefully over the coming months and years we will continue to make strides to improve these figures further as I feel increased attendance will certainly help pave the way for increased performance.

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  1. I think the Satellite Career Center is a great idea. The high school age is a real challenge especially now. Not all kids are college bound. I feel that’s where you lose them. Many kids are being pushed thru the school system including mine because nobody would listen to me.

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